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The Video Production Process

The main focus of the video production process is creating great films for clients, to place on their websites and share through social media channels. In reality however we do so much more… people generally come to us with a need and we find innovative media solutions. Every project is different but will generally include the following stages:

Conversation and Ideas Generation

The starting point is always a conversation to fully understand what our clients need. Sometimes clients come to us asking for a Promotional Video to raise their Brand Awareness, when in fact they first need a better Website, a presence on Social Media platforms or even a full Digital Marketing Campaign. The fact is that by understanding ‘why’ somebody wants to produce a video we can determine the best mix. And of course if you want a video without the rest… we can do that too!

Target Audience and Market Research

It’s important for us to understand your target audience as this will affect the style, content, tone and delivery of your video. The more information you can give us the better including Who is your customer? Who are your competitors? What’s unique about your product/service?

Market Strategy

It’s not sufficient to simply produce a video and expect it to go Viral. With over 300 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every minute it’s important to develop a strategy for delivery that ensures your message will reach far and wide. We’ll develop a marketing plan that works alongside your existing strategy, building upon your success and helping you reach your target audience.

Concept Development and Scripting

Coming up with innovative, creative ideas is one of the main reasons we love producing videos. It’s an opportunity to express a story in an exciting and interesting way, using a combination of imagery, dialogue, graphics and music, all combined to create a narrative that reaches out to people.

Storyboard and Shot List

Breaking your story down scene by scene allows us to visualise the end result, planning each of the shots in turn for maximum impact. It also makes production much simpler and reduces the editing time.


Depending upon the size and complexity of the video we have a range of creative types available to work on production, some are based in-house and others are fellow filmmakers who we work with on a freelance basis. The beauty of this is that we keep a small core team, which reduces our overheads, but have the flexibility to tackle any project.

Editing, Sound Design, Colour Grading, Motion graphics

After all the research, planning and filming you finally get to see your production come together. We send you a draft version initially, allowing you to see how it flows, before finalising the edit and adding the final polish to make it shine. Again depending upon the complexity of the project we have Sound Designers, Musicians & Motion Graphic Artists on hand to add value to the production.


There are many ways to share the finished video, depending upon the Marketing Strategy and your target audience. Once we upload the video to the chosen platforms we then begin the process of promoting the video online, reaching out to your customers and getting them to share the video with others. This initial phase of ‘Video Seeding’ is imperative to ensure your investment reaches a wider audience.

If you have a marketing team in place to promote the video we can also deliver high quality digital files allowing you to upload the video and promote the video yourself.


It’s important to measure the effectiveness of the video campaign, identifying successful channels and tweaking the strategy if necessary to ensure maximum engagement.

Reaching your target audience is our prime motivation and we are continually learning new ways to ensuring your investment works for you.

Flexible & Friendly

The above is by no means an exhaustive list of what we do… every project and budget is different plus we offer many complimentary services such as Professional Photography, Website Design, Social Media and Digital Marketing.

If you’d like more information about the services we offer or to discuss your project get in touch and we’ll be only too happy to help.

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