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Generating Backlinks with a Video Study

This video study was created with the purpose of generating backlinks to the client’s website. This meant creating a piece of sharable content, that would be attractive to blogs and magazine websites with high domain authority. We needed to appeal to the sensibilities of these websites’ editors and audience. A video study is a good method of creating attractive and sharable content, which is useful to these audiences. By attaching this experiment to a personality, we are able to bring the positive effects of sleep to life, in a way that is easily digested and shared on social media. See more of the social media videos we have filmed.

Sharable Video Study for Social Media


Creating Relatability when Filming Video Interviews

We filmed in-depth interviews with Dorothy which tackled her experience with sleep and acne. These interviews are great at getting across Dorothy’s personality, and establish her as a very relatable person. This relatability is crucial to the success of the video, because the personal journey is what separates this video from other such experiments and studies. Using lush lighting on the interview, we framed Dorothy so that the studio lights were in the background of the shot. This breaks down the wall between Dorothy and the viewer, really bringing the viewer into the studio with her.

Studio Lights in Video Interview

We put a lot of thought into how we can stage our interviews. When you capture those special moments of intimacy and personality with an interviewee, the emotional impact is maximised to its full. For examples of this, see more of our filming which uses video interviews 

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