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James Quirk is a Somerset based Sports & Fitness Instructor who approached us to make a Fitball Workout DVD.

Looking for The Ultimate Workout? Check out the DVD below!


After storyboarding the workouts we then filmed the Introduction, Warm-up, Instructions, Workout, Warm-down and Stretching in a single day.

The DVD it is now available for sale on the CLASS SW website.

We have since done a lot of work with James to increase awareness not just of the fitness DVD but also the services that James offer. This has included:

A Spanky New Website – This provides James with a portal through which to communication with his customers. He can announce his latest activities and fitness classes via the blog, advise potential customers of the various services he offers, list some featured Case Studies and copies of his DVD.

Produce new branding, graphics and posters to promote James fitness classes and DVD.

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