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This is a Documentary that tells a story about how Kally Adderkin-Hall, survived the traumatic abuse of her childhood, finding inspiration in the bible to become a BBC presenter and, finally, a Mother of two adopted boys.

The Greatest Challenge

In this uplifting documentary, we explored the depths of Kally’s childhood trauma. One of her greatest challenges was in making the decision to become a mother. She fretted that she would lack enough love to share it with her children. Having never been shown compassion or care, how could she commit to the care of another? Revisiting Ezekiel 16 Kally found that, despite everything, her love had not been stolen from her. Even at her most withdrawn and feral, she longed to love and be loved.

She decided that she would raise her children in the manner that she should have been raised. She would be an affectionate, devoted mother to her children. She began the adoption process with a full heart. She knew that she could, because she remembered a promise that was whispered to her long ago.  The words were renewed in her mind: “You will live. You are mine”.

The Ezekiel Covenant Documentary
The Ezekiel Covenant Documentary
The Ezekiel Covenant Documentary

About Kally Adderkin-Hall

Kally is a trained journalist and broadcaster who has worked across the major television stations in the UK. She is a former BBC reporter and presenter and has written and presented documentaries for Channel One and ITV.

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