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The Ballad Of Further Down The Line

We left behind the them and us –
divisions in the villages,
uncivil tongues and civic fuss,
the laws of privilege –

to tax the molecules that rush
and pay their dues without a fuss
that rush for no good reason, but
the laws of physics say they must.

The energy that’s everywhere –
we took its measure, learned its worth.
We pluck it from the vivid air,
we suck it from the living earth.

Now panels tilt and turbines stand
– familiar reassuring sight –
around the town, across the land
there will be heat and light tonight

And laid in fields or stood in rows
slim sentinels stand surety –
exposed as they themselves expose
the myth of landscape’s purity.

On country acre, city roof
alert, unblinking compound eye –
and standing tall without excuse
regret-me-nots against the sky.

About The Project

The Element in the Room is a book of poems inspired by renewable energy in particular – and a book of pictures inspired by
poems about renewable energy.

Some poems were prompted by reflections on the elements,
some from talking with people working in the field, others from
renewable technologies themselves – the look of them, their
potential, people’s responses to them. Some are playful, cheeky,
pithy, others more lyrical and solemn, some are just plain daft.

Among them there’s a sonnet, a country and western song and a
prose poem called The Not-for-Prophit. You get the picture. None
is intended as a ‘last word’, they are offered for your pleasure and
interest and to provoke discussion.

The illustrations are by a range of talented artists, to be specific:
Heidi Ball, Laura Cochón, Tori Dee, Chloë Uden, Josie Ashe, Naomi Ziewe Palmer and More than Minutes.

‘The Element in the Room’ is a collaboration with Regen South West.

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