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We recently produced a Promotional Video for Regen SW and SWIMBY The Musical from the launch night last week.

After many months of planning, projecting and campaigning, here is the launch of SWIMBY the Musical. The first sharing of early-draft scraps from Matt and Thomas’ notebooks, the first inklings and intimations of what’s aiming to become a joyous musical show about dreamers and do-ers rolling up their sleeves and changing the world – a bit at a time.

Event Filming

It was a fabulous, joy-filled event. Music, poetry, art and the best raffle we’ve ever seen! In the video you can see it wasn’t just us who had enjoyed the night – many audience members came to us to share their thoughts about the Musical – all of which were extremely positive. The talent shown on stage included Thomas Hewitt Jones‘s music, Matt Harvey‘s hilarious poetry and the all-singing, all-dancing KEVICC students. For this video, we intercut one of these performances with interviews from those that attended. In the excited hubbub of the lobby as the show ended, we captured that generous optimism and happiness.

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