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Find out how KLS Law provided support after a car accident occurred concerning an elderly couple, who experienced a serious injury recovery following a life-altering car accident.

The video explains how the husband was once a great painter but after the car accident he had to learn from scratch. It also shows the wife’s perspective as she watches her husband learn to paint again. The picture above is an example of how he was soon after the car crash.

It then goes on to show the improvement he had made as the years passed. The picture above illustrates how the husband had improved. With the support of KLS Law the couple are able to overcome the accident and to live life almost like before.

Video Transcript

– I’ve spent the best part of my life on wheels. The wheels have taught me friendship and camaraderie. I’ve cycled absolutely everywhere up and down the country. I was going to cycle to my wedding until my wife talked me out of it. She’s always been worried about me being out on the road, but I’ve always been fearless. Last year, that changed. Getting knocked off my bike destroyed my confidence and left me with tinnitus. A friend from my cycling club had told me about KLS Law and how they had treated him. They looked after me like they looked after my friend. There are a lot of cyclists out there having accidents on the road, who haven’t had the experience I got with KLS Law. I was compensated for my losses and injuries and given health and support through a really tough time. I’d have no hesitation recommending them to a friend who got into a similar scrape, because the best bit is they help me get my confidence back. I’m back out cycling, but most importantly, I’m back with my mates again.

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