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DVD Production of an Intense Grooming Session

Scottish Terrier Society teamed up with Crufts 2015 winner, Rebecca Cross, to create a two day masterclass in grooming and handling. We were asked to film a double-disc DVD of the event for their international following who could not attend. This DVD production was a huge success, already surpassing sales expectations on the pre-orders.

Using YouTube to Gain an Audience for your DVD

A few choice snippets have been uploaded to YouTube. These videos are much more watchable and shareable than the full six hour DVD production. Because of this, they were a great tool to raise the profile of the DVD. Scottish Terrier Grooming is a niche subject, and having these snippets online, means that the life of the DVD will extend far beyond the initial marketing. Now everytime someone is looking for any information relating to Scottie grooming, snippets from this DVD production will tease them towards a full purchase.

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