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Paints that offer protective qualities are often being requested for commercial buildings. That’s why Dulux Trade has created a Protection Paint Range for Specifiers that tackle a number of challenges, including mould, fire protection, and germs.

Video Transcript

When it comes to selecting paints for commercial buildings, those that offer added level of protection are increasingly being requested. With this in mind, Dulux Trade has created the Protection Range, a range of six tried and trusted products that provide a protective solution for every specialist requirement.

Dulux Trade Pyroshield is a collection of flame retardant paints which help slow the spread of fire, providing building owners with an increased level of protection for tenants in the event of a fire.

Chris Ryan, Managing Surveyor at Magna Housing Association: “The benefits of the Pyroshield product on the fire retardant side is the assurance we give our tenants, which is important to us. It’s a guarantee we have to say this paint is fire retardant, and will give you that extra time you need to leave the building if you have a fire.”

To tackle the increasingly important issue of sustainability and reduce maintenance cycles,more and more people are turning to specialist and longer-lasting coatings for certain surfaces, such as metal. Dulux Trade Metalshield gives long-lasting protection against corrosion on metal substrates, andavoids the need for multiple, difficult-to-apply coatings.

Sunil Pankhani, Operations Director at Westcombe Homes: “We wanted to keep the same theme throughout the building as it was in the early 1900s, as a chocolate factory. Metalshield was used on all the exposed steelwork elements in the apartments. Metalshield has an eight year recoat cycle and that was an overriding factor for us.”

In areas where hygiene is a top priority, like hospitals and care homes, anti-bacterial coatings, such as Dulux Trade Sterishield, are often a popular choice.”

Lynne Renals-O’Kane, Senior Nurse at Berkshire Healthcare, NHS Foundation Trust: “The reason we went ahead and used Sterishield was, we are a clinical environment, and therefore we have to ensure that we were doing two various things with infection control, whilst appealing to a more pleasant environment at the same time.

Lynne Renals-O’Kane: “The infection control nurses are very pleased with the product and what it can bring, both with the look and the enhanced ability of the paint.”

Alongside Pyroshield, Metalshield and Sterishield, the Protection Range also features:

  • Mouldshield, which inhibits the growth of mould
  • Cladshield, which offers upto 8 years’ protection for cladding
  • Floorshield, which develops a hard wearing film, making itcapable of withstanding scuffing, mild chemical spillage and repeated washing

Together these coatings provide specifiers with solutions they can trust, that not only provide a building with added protection, but are long-lasting and hard-wearing, giving peace of mind that they will perform for years to come.

Sunil Pankhani: “We found that Metalshield has matched up to the quality and high finish that we’d expect in a development of this nature and we’ll definitely be using that in the future.”

Chris Ryan: “With the Pyroshield product, we have found that on all the areas we’ve done for the last five years, we’ve not had to retouch them or paint them in any way whatsoever.”

Lynne Renals-O’Kane: Other people are very pleased by both the look – the aesthetics of Sterishield – but also with the added benefit of lowering the risk of infection within a clinical environment, so much so that they’re asking for it to be used on their walls.”

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