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Paradigm Uncovered By Jeremiah Daliel

Jeremiah Daliel, author of “Paradigm Uncovered, Up Close And Personal”, shares how he was involved in a serious car crash and, whilst able to get his family safely to the side of the road, suddenly and inexplicably suffered paralysis in his legs.

Jerry was was rushed to hospital but extensive medical investigations failed to uncover the reasons for the paralysis and Jerry was faced with an uncertain future, a future characterised by frequent hospital admissions and dependence upon a wheelchair.

Faced with these circumstances most people would be focus on their recovery, but Jerry decided to follow a lifelong ambition to study not one but two law degrees. Studying from his hospital bed, and later at The University of the West of England (UWE) in Bristol, he graduated with a 2.1 in Crime and Criminology. Whilst peers had their sights set on future careers, Jerry’s aims were somewhat more immediate… and inspiring!

Having spent the past 5 years in a wheelchair Jerry was intent on standing to receive his degree.

This extraordinary story led to people wanting to know more, and it was through this that Jerry noticed people’s questions were often based upon their need for help and support in their own lives. The focus became less about HIS journey to recovery and more about how he could use his experiences to help others.

And so drawing upon notes from his diaries, Jerry began understanding the events of the past 5 years, the obstacles he’d encountered and the ways in which he’d overcome them. It became clear that at each step, he’d drawn upon inherent knowledge, born from his past experiences and upbringing.

And so he set to work, uncovering the behavioural patterns that affect people’s lives, and how these age old techniques, innate within us all, can be used to improve our lives.

And from here Paradigm Uncovered was born.

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