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We met with Terry Hort from H&H Accountants to discuss making a video for his advertisement.

Corporate Video Production…with a Twist

He wanted to do something different from his competitors, something that wasn’t stuffy and boring, something that would show they are in a league of their own.

Having met Terry we instantly recognised that he was wasn’t a boring accountant… in fact far from it. He has enthusiasm, creativity and the desire to provide a service to the best of his ability.

After discussing a few ideas we finally decided to ditch any mention of the services provided and simply produce a corporate video that would grab peoples attention and ultimately drive them towards the website… and to pick up the phone. Therefore, instead of making a short 30 second infomercial  we decided to make a short cinematic  film – documenting the gradual decline into madness of a person trying to complete their tax return!

Read more about our corporate videos and other video production services.

It has certainly proven to grab people’s attention… see for yourself and let us know what you think. Do you need help with Tax Return? Visit the H&H Accountants website for more information.

Director: Alistair Campbell
Director of Photography: Jamie Wonnacott
Assistant Director: Josh
The Man: Stuart Lyddon

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