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The main intent was to communicate the personality of the company, this when we came up with the Molly at Christmas Animation.

We were asked to produce a radio advert for H&H Accountants. They have recently established a new office in Ilminster and would like to make themselves known, not just as professional accountants, but also fun, friendly people.

The radio advert was designed with this in mind. We decided not to produce a hard-selling advert, but instead a short, light-hearted sketch about a precocious child and her family at Christmas. Because of the purpose, we opted not to include any contact details or promotional material. Less of a “Buy this!” and more of a “Have a nice day”.

Molly at Christmas succeeds Bonner’s Butchers, a video which we produced to show that H&H Accountants really care about who their clients are.

Check out some production stills below of our star performer at work.

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