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Cycling is an incredibly visual sport. From the legs pumping like pistons, to the road sliding past beneath the whirring tires – everything is alive with motion.

We were first approached by Velosure Cycle Insurance, asking us to produce a video for them targetting at Cyclists who were looking for Cycling Insurance.

We wanted to ensure that the verve of this movement transferred to screen. A car-mounted camera would glide a little too smoothly alongside the rider, and wouldn’t be able to frame shots very closely. This close framing was essential to focus the viewer away from the stillness of the cyclist’s face and upper half. It is the bottom half of the figure that we would focus our gaze on – pedals, rubber, tarmac.

Our solution was to mount a camera onto another bicycle. This way we could select our shots with more freedom, while ensuring that the viewer was taken along on the journey with the cyclist and with Velosure.

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