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Here we have the latest Velosure Starley Primal promotional video. In this mini series we’ve produced a set of videos based around a variety of topics. This video discusses the importance of looking after your Cycling Bike correctly.

The #PeoplesTeam discuss the importance of maintaining your bike, especially within the UK in latest video. Although bike parts can cost a hefty bit of money, it seems to be more effective to splash the extra bit of cash in order to have your bike fighting fit and ready for the road!

They also go on to state that cleaning their bike often can help limit the chance of the bike rusting away. Checking the brakes are working correctly along with the tires pressure capacity reaching its full potential.

Video Transcript

– Living in the UK, it’s quite important to maintain your bike almost on a daily basis. I was actually remarking to some of my friends on the team that I’ve gone two weeks in America without cleaning my bike and after one hour on the road in the UK, it was dirtier than it had ever been before, just getting squeaks and creaks and everything, so I’ve had to become a bit more diligent about cleaning my bike. I mean not a full cleaning after every ride, but just try to wipe down the chain and the brakes and the rims, just try to keep it a bit cleaner and be on top of problems earlier because of the wet and the dirt. It really takes its toll on the equipment.

– I know how expensive bike parts are, and having to replace them just because of wear and tear is a pain, but if you keep your bikes clean, then everything runs smoother, so everything lasts longer. I’ll be probably doing a once-over of my front wheel, because I just had a front wheel flat, and I’ll just be checking that there’s nothing still in my tire, make sure I’ve put the front wheel in properly and make sure the brakes are not rubbing and everything’s in straight.

– I do a quick once-over, check the brakes, the shifting, and make sure the chain’s clean and lubed. Sometimes you have a couple mechanical problems on your ride I’ve had some times where I do get stranded and I can’t fix whatever problem I have, but–

– Velosure have its own pickup service, which would be really useful, because having that service saves that worry of having to make your own way home or having to carry money around, which you’re not quite sure how much the taxi fare would cost. If there is that service there, that put’s riders at ease more. So it’s just really useful

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