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In the new Velosure Starley Primal promotional video the #PeoplesTeam can be found discussing what it’s like to travel as a cyclist, as well as sharing tips for keeping your Cycling Equipment safe.

We all know travelling can be full of difficult obstacles at the best of times, now try adding a bicycle and cycling equipment into the mix! When travelling equipment can get lost or even damaged, that’s why it’s important to handle your luggage carefully – although that’s not always possible especially when going through customs, as others who handle your belongings may a little bit careless.

They go on to discuss how reassured they feel knowing that if their bicycles or equipment were ever to get damaged, stolen or lost; Velosure would be there to help them.

Video Transcript

– I used to live in the French Alps for six years. I did the Transcontinental race in the summer. I raced one stage from London to Istanbul, so, 11 countries on my bike in one day. I’ve been aboard my bike quite a bit. I’ve just never really thought about it, or I didn’t even realize that you should insure your bikes. I think it’s always a risk, and I’ve actually been really, really lucky. I’ve had so many friends, especially when I was living in the French Alps, a lot of people would come out on holiday and so many people flying in with their bike bags.

– I’ve got a lot of moneys worth of bikes. The luggage handlers don’t really understand that and like to throw them about a bit.

– So many stories of people having things broken on their bikes, or their bags have just been chucked on and off the plane, and things like that. I had one friend who got injured, actually, trying to take his bike bag off the conveyor belt. He couldn’t ride for the first couple of days.

– I know a lot of people who have either lost their suit cases with helmets and shoes and things or, they’ve lost their bike boxes and they’ve had to wait for, actually, their whole holiday to get it back. By that point, they’re having to fly back. It can be a bit of a nightmare.

– Even our director, James Smith, was flying to Denver a few months ago and lost all of his bags for his family on the way. It took them over half the trip just to get them back.

– Having a sponsor like Velsure is great for coming on training camps like we are.

– Having your bike covered, having your kit covered, I think, is a great thing for a team to have.

– If they did get damaged or lost then they will be covered so that the cost won’t come down on us.

– Yeah, it’s nice to know that we’re covered for events like that.

– I think you can be as careful and pack it as well as you can with loads and loads of padding, and everything like that. But, the reality of it is, there’s always a chance that something could happen. It’s just really good to have the reassurance that if you’ve got bike insurance that something is going to be done about it.

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