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Corporate Video Production

H&H Accountants were about to unveil their new office in Ilminster and were looking for a corporate video to generate some buzz and attention in the town. We went to Bonners Butchers to see what we could do.

To emphasize their fun nature, they wanted a corporate video that did not feel like it was particularly selling anything to the viewer. To achieve this we decided to create a character to perform series of mock interviews with their clients. The lovable buffoon is the character, Colin Chatsworth, a bumbling, inattentive interviewer, played by filmmaker and NVM regular, Conan Coatsworth.

We used this character to act as a foil for H&H Accountants’ message – that they take the time to get to know you and your business. In contrast, Colin continually forgets the butcher’s name and seems exceedingly disinterested in his answers.

This idea was supported by the fact that there is a significant amount of the video that is dedicated to advertising the Bonners Butchers brand. That H&H Accountants are willing to support their clients with free advertising lends itself well to the idea that they are in fact a caring company.

Aside from being immense fun to film, this corporate video was a large success. Clinton was enormously surprised by the amount of people that would come into Bonners Butchers, calling him Carlton and Cameron – the wrong names from the video. This even happened with people that he thought didn’t even use the internet! People in Ilminster were sharing and laughing along with the video, causing exactly the type of reaction that we were seeking. This casual sharing increased the visibility of both Bonners Butchers and H&H Accountants.

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