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Corporate Video

New pathology hub in Taunton Launched!

We were contacted urgently by Integrated Pathology Partnerships (iPP) to produce a new version of a promotional video we produced for their partner Southwest Pathology Services outlining the new pathology hub built in Taunton. Working quickly over the weekend we managed to produce a draft version for review within 24hours and delivered the final corporate video on the following Monday.

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Video Transcript

Voiceover: This is the new hub laboratory of Southwest Pathology Services in Taunton – a unique public/private partnership between the hospital trusts in Taunton and Yeovil and Integrated Pathology Partnerships.
In 2005, Lord Carter of Coles was invited by government to conduct a strategic review of pathology services.

Lord Carter of Coles: Somebody described pathology as the golden thread that runs through the healthcare service. It’s a big undertaking – we spend £2.5b a year on it in England and it’s tremendous value because at the heart of all healthcare systems 70% of all in-patient out-patient things have to have a pathology test
And in undertaking this review for the government what became clear was that we can do this better. And why it’s wonderful to come down here today is to see what actually people have turned that dream, that vision I had, into in practical reality. And therefore I think it’s marvellous for me to come down here and actually walk across there this afternoon, kick the tires and realise how much difference it’s going to make to healthcare. It’s a great achievement and great and nice to have been marginally part of it. Well done.

Voiceover: This new laboratory hub in Taunton processes approximately 80% of the work previously sent directly to the hospital sites. This is primarily non-urgent work that comes from general practice, community hospitals and private treatment centres.
The acute work has been separated from the GP work to enable the design of streamlined, fit for purpose, laboratories.
The facilities located on the hospital site are now designed to focus primarily on medically acute work – work that demands a more immediate, faster turnaround.
This cutting edge facility is designed specifically for high volume, high throughput. It has the latest possible technology and processes, making it one of the most efficient laboratories in operation today.

Dr David James (Pathology Clinical Director) Taunton & Somerset NHS Foundation Trust: The technology is important because it allows us to be much more efficient. The field of technology in laboratories has moved on, even in my lifetime, quite considerably. So analysers are now capable of analysing many different tests quite rapidly. What that does is enable us to be much more efficient in delivering routine test results – the standard type of tests that your GP may request just as basis. That then enables us to free up resources to introduce more complex testing and make that available locally. It’s not just a factory that produces a result -what you have is a laboratory where the whole of the process is directed towards the production of a clinically relevant result. And that is overseen in terms of process and quality processes by the clinicians within those specialities, so that there’s an assurance that the results we produce are correct and are valid for use within the management of patients.

Derek Truman (Quality Manager) – Southwest Pathology Services: Quality is at the heart of Southwest Pathology Services. It’s important to get the right result on the right patient at the right time, top produce a good service. our credentials are that we are a fully accredited lab under CPA accreditation, which is Clinical Pathology Accreditation. We also are registered with CQC, Quality Care Commissions and they have visited all three sites given us a glowing report.

Voiceover: This new laboratory can service other users in the area, delivering faster throughput and supporting the restructuring of their onsite hospital laboratories in the same way those at Taunton and Yeovil have been redesigned.
It is our aim to improve the quality of services received by patients. Both hospital trusts and patients are already benefitting from the investment in technology, the training of staff and the new techniques we have introduced to the service.
The partnership between the Trusts and iPP represent a major step forward in the provision of pathology services in the UK.

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