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Time for the latest Velosure Starley Primal promotional video. The topic in this video is how to stay visible and safe when Cycling at night. We thought this was a great topic as we too can relate to how much harder it is to Cycle at night.

Cycling at night abroad feels a little safer for some of the#PeoplesTeam as they discuss how back home it can become more of a challenge – though this doesn’t mean it’s any safer when in another country. They then go on to discuss the effectiveness of wearing fluorescent clothing that can be seen even at night and how their kit caters to that.

They also mention how it’s great to have as many lights as you possibly can on your bike, but you shouldn’t rely on them to keep you safe and to still be careful.

Video Transcript

– A lot of people we ride with back home, they don’t adapt to the road conditions like a lot of professional riders do. Where, so, if it’s raining or there’s been a lot of salt on the roads, the roads become a lot greasier, so.

– One thing I’ve noticed in England is that when it rains and then the sun comes out, the glare off the road is just so bright you can’t even see, you know, ten meters in front of you, and I’m almost thinking that I couldn’t even blame a car if they hit me because I can’t see where I’m going.

– Yeah, it does definitely does make you aware, especially being a driver myself, you do notice people more in florescent clothing than you would in, like, full black kit. So, I think it’s good our actually team kit is red. So, it’s quite a vivid color.

– [Voiceover] Fully florescent kit, which really shows up in the dark when the car lights hit you. Just light up straight away.

– [Man In Hat] Especially our bikes as well. It’s like a neon orange color, so.

– I always just keep a light on my bike, like on my seat post or my seat stay. It’s not always on, but just sometimes you… you have a couple of mechanical problems on your ride or you get lost and you come home later and it gets dark, or maybe you get that sun and the rain glare, or just some condition.

– You’re gonna be out longer than you think, and especially in winter when it gets dark at like three or four o’clock. Always light on, even if you might not need them, but if they’re there, you can turn them on.

– Yeah, it’s sometimes not very nice at night, ‘cuz you can have as many lights as you, as you can put on the bike, but I think road drivers are still can be not careful when passing you. And when they do beep a horn at you and it’s sort of quiet outside, it does give you a bit of a shock and a shake, so. Yeah, no matter how safe you are on the road, accidents can still happen, so it’s good to be insured.

– And then if anything does happen, then you saw it. With incident on the road, people like to get a bit overexcited and take a few more risks than they would normally. So that is a really nice thing to know, that you saw it if anything does happen.

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