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We’ve released the Promotional Video for Velosure Starley Primal, as well as the Equality In Action video. But now it’s time for the third instalment – it’s time to hear about the importance of Road Safety! In this video the cyclists can be seen discussing tips for how to stay safe whilst Cycling.

Here we have the latest video where the #PeoplesTeam can be seen discussing the importance of remaining safe when cycling. They tell all about how Velosure Cycling Insurance has made them feel safer when on the road and just knowing that they are there for the Cyclists if something were to ever go wrong.

The #PeoplesTeam do seem to really value the sponsorship and on-going support from Velosure’s Cycling Insurance. It really is a match-made in heaven!

Video Transcript

– I had a few accidents last year just because cars weren’t looking where they were going and turning at junctions and not seeing the cyclers and things like that.

– I think a good tip to make cars aware of you is try and wear as much high visibility clothing as you can, really.

– The good thing about Starley is our kit is very bright, so I don’t think you could miss us in this kind of colored kit.

– Especially being a driver myself, you do notice people more in fluorescent clothing than you would in full black kit.

– The other things is, always have light. Because even if it’s just an overcast day, always have your lights on because the more that cars can see you, the less likely you’ll be to get knocked off.

– I think when you’re riding your bike, you almost want to think like you’re driving a car. So if you would signal at a roundabout then when you’re on your bike you should be doing the same thing.

– It’s good to anticipate what the drivers are going to do. Because you never know alone if a car isn’t supposed to pull out on you, then you know you are much smaller than the other vehicles they’re used to seeing. So, if a car is waiting at a junction, you just make sure it isn’t going to pull out and be ready to brake or divert if you have to. Some cars aren’t used to cyclers going at 30 miles an hour. So if they see a cyclist they think, oh going slow, I’ll just go now. And before they know it, we’re already into them.

– You do have to be very careful because you have to be that extra aware. Because otherwise you will get caught out.

– You cannot really control what the cars or what could happen to you. So therefore it’s very good to have insurance. Your bike is covered and can be replaced. You are covered for physical damage. And if you injure someone else they are covered, so that can really give confidence. Confidence? Yeah.

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