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The latest Velosure Starley Primal promotional video is a little different as it is focused around a member of the Cyclist Team named James, who shares his journey and experiences as a Cyclist, one of which including how to recover from a Cycling Crash.

James can be seen discussing his POV of being a cyclist, member of the #PeoplesTeam and being partnered with Velosure Cycle Insurance. He then speaks about difficulties and obstacles that he’s faced as a Cyclist as well as how being insured has now made him feel more at ease and supported.

It’s really great to hear from James about what goals and hopes he has for the future as a Cyclist as well as how he stays motivated for them.

Video Transcript

– It’s good to anticipate what the drivers are gonna do, cause you never know. Although if a car isn’t supposed to pull out on you then you know you are much smaller than other vehicles they’re used to seeing. So if a car is waiting at a junction you just make sure it isn’t going to pull out, and be ready to brake or divert if you have to. Just because some cars aren’t used to a cyclist goin’ at 30 miles an hour, so if they see a cyclist they’ll think, “Oh going slow, I’ll just go now.” And before they know it we’re already into them. Everyone thinks it won’t happen to them. But then it always–

– It always does.

– It does come round to everyone really. Cause every day there’s always a near miss at home. Seven or eight years ago now I was just coming into a roundabout and a woman pulled out on me. So I hit the side of it and broke my collarbone and wrote off my bike. My bike means a lot to me and both me and Jack are really into our technology with them. So we like to have the lightest and fastest most aerodynamic stuff. So if anything happens to it we’re pretty gutted really. And with insurance it’s just nice to know that it’s safe in every single way that nothing can happen to it. At the time I was in sixth form doing my A levels and learning to drive and stuff. So that all put that behind and I wasn’t insured through a company like Velosure. So I had to go through lawyers and all of that stuff. And everything just took longer and it was a lot harder to do without the insurance. And yeah it put me out for about a month or two of riding and then obviously longer lasting effects of rehab and stuff. So it’s just, you don’t really want when you’re trying to train and do other things at the same time. Obviously to win races is the main motivation. But then just the whole training aspect of starting, after the off-season, where you build up again and do specific training sessions to make yourself better. And slowly seeing yourself getting stronger and faster and lighter. That’s always really nice just as a motivation. Like little goals that you set and achieve them.

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