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The new Velosure Starley Primal promotional video is out and this time you can find the team discussing how to endure Cycling Training

In the latest video the #PeoplesTeam share some tips and advice which they live by so that they are able to give their all when training.  The cyclists in this video are discuss the importance in resting lots and making sure they eat and drink the right amount and type of supplements. They also make sure that they rest and treat any injuries that may arise.

Keeping yourself in good condition is key when it comes to being a great cyclist; as a bike is only as good as the person riding it!

Video Transcript

– My training is always planned by my coach and I get different training every day. One day I’ll do a long ride, next day I do a turbo session. It’s a lot of variation and that makes it very much fun to be doing something different every day.

– We just did a few of different efforts, we didn’t go up our own pace. We did an eight minute effort and then a couple of four minute efforts.

– One more eight minute effort and to do and then roll down a first–

– Roll down a first. Maybe like a bit of a burn up at the end of the sprint.

– The sooner you can eat after training, the better, really.

– To recover properly after a long ride, you kinda need to have protein shake within, maybe, 20 minutes of getting home. Just a kind of optimal time to take it all in properly.

– You have to take good care of yourself, eat well.

– Then, some stretching and use a foam roller to massage your muscles within the evening.

– Maybe take some supplements and get the doctor checked on you regularly. Get some blood taken and see that you’re strong to start next block of training.

– Get your legs up as soon as you can and just relax, really.

– Chill for the rest of the day, really. Stay ready for tomorrow.

– Now, if I wake up tomorrow and I don’t feel well, I’ll be staying in and rest another day. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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