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We recently released a Promotional Video for Velosure Starley Primal of our trip to Marina D’or, where we saw the mixed #PeoplesTeam live in action! You can check out that video here. We have now released a follow-up-video of the trip where the#PeoplesTeam can be seen sharing how to become a Professional Cyclist.

They then go on to reveal how they feel about having a third-sponsorship with Velosure Cycling Insurance. It seems that life is a lot safer with Velosure by their side.

It’s really great to see a group of passionate people coming together to work as a team. With the help from the sponsors there seems to be some weight taking off this teams shoulder’s.

Video Transcript

– Yeah, I got my first bike when I was nine. It was a red Kona Jake. It was probably like the smallest you could get. Like tiny wheels.

– First bike was a specialized Allez, which I got when I was eighteen, and I did London to Paris on it with my family.

– Yeah, he used to cycle when he was quite young, so I think he hoped that we’d all get into something like that. Follow his footsteps kinda thing.

– And I just used it to commute ’round London for ages, and then moved out to the French Alps, and that’s when I started, like, riding a lot more.

– Never ridden a race bike. Like three years ago, I used to be a swimmer and then I got selected for a reality show getting amateurs on the bike.

– Yeah, I started to just really enjoy it. Obviously, the scenery and riding out there is amazing.

– I actually came from a desk job. I was an engineer before. And being able to ride full time instead of trying to mix in the training at night, or whatever, is a really big advantage, Seen a lot of improvement over the last couple months.

– I’ve been since the start of last season, that was my first season with the team. It’s good to come back to the team for the second year. A lot of the differences from last year is we got third title sponsor which has also helped with the finance and the team. Being an insurance company, I think, has helped a lot of the riders. I think it’s a lot more professional. Stuff has happened earlier than it has done, so all the kits being here earlier, all the bikes have been here earlier. Judging on some of the performances on the cam, I think we’ve got a much stronger squad this year.

– This is my first season with Velosure Starley Primal.

– This is my first year.

– It’s my first year, so actually, a month.

– Started this year really, and I think it’s same for you?

– And I’m the same, yeah.

– Just joined this year, so first season on the team.

– This is the first time that we’ve all been together all as a team.

– So I think having a company like Velosure sponsor us, I think it’s great for everyone. Especially coming on camps like this where you need insurance. Having your bike covered, having your kit covered I think is a great thing for the team to have. It’s just nice knowing it’s at home, it’s insured in the house, it’s insured on the training camp, it’s insured at race. So, anywhere I go with it, it’s insured.

– It makes it easy for us ’cause last thing we want to do is organize stuff and be riding our bikes. So when someone else does that then you can just get on with the job in hand.

– My only goal is to win as much as I can.

– Then just the whole training aspect of starting after the off season, where you build up again and do specific training sessions to make yourself better, and slowly seeing yourself getting stronger, faster, lighter and that’s always really nice just as a motiviation like little goals that you set and achieve them.

– If I didn’t want to win races, I guess I wouldn’t be a cyclist. I’d probably be in a job that didn’t involve hurting myself every day, and just constantly being tired, but I think it’s worth it in the long run that I’m doing something I love every day. I don’t wake up thinking how I’ve got to go to work. I just sometimes wake up thinking, “Oh yeah, I get to ride my bike,” and I just love racing really. Have done from the day I started really, so I couldn’t think of anything else I’d rather be doing.

I didn’t know anything before I started but the employees are really helpful. They’re really encouraging and really supportive of apprenticeships. They’re so key to life nowadays. They’re giving all the skills you need for qualifications. Give you hands-on experience, you also get to earn while you learn which is very important. You get to gain all the key skills whilst learning which is very helpful. You get to socialize – you still get to go to college and meet new people. I really would encourage them.

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