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Quite literally the nicest firm of accountants we’ve had the pleasure to meet!

We were contacted by Terry Hort at H&H Accountants to produce a promotional film for his accounting practice in Somerset. We met to discuss ideas and Terry expressed his desire to do something a bit different. All his competitors had videos consisting of very dry dialogue describing the services available combined with stock photos of business people shaking hands and calculators…. lots and lots of calculators! In essence… very dull!

We worked on several concepts and final came up with the idea of a short film about a man trying to complete his own tax return. The basic concept was for people to stick to what they do best and leave H&H Accountants to do the hard work.

The film has been met with a great response from client’s.

Since producing the film we have now gone on do other work for the client:

Built a new website with content management system and social media pages; allowing a greater means of communication with their clients.
Consolidated their existing advertising with a view to move towards promotion of their website via SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
Filmed a seminar of financial related matters and produced individual YouTube videos for both information and promotional purposes.
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