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Here we have the fourth instalment of the Velosure Starley Primal promotional video series. In the previous video we learnt about the importance of Road Safety, now it’s time to hear about the importance of Cycle Rescue!

In the latest video the #PeoplesTeam discuss Cycle Rescue and the importance of being prepared for this time of dilemma. They go on to talk about how they feel more relieved knowing that Velosure Cycle Insurance are only a call away if they find themselves in this type of situation.

By having Velosure there to always give a helping hand, the mixed cycling team always have someone they can call if in need of some help!

Video Transcript

– Yeah, when I get on my bike I take the basic tools with me, my mobile phone in case anything happens. Until this year, joining partners with Velosure as a sponsor, I never actually thought about having to cover for if anything does happen.

– We’re really lucky riding with the team out here. At the moment, we’ve got a support car so we’re putting a wet bag with things like emergency items, like food, like leg warmers, arm warmers, like a waterproof shell.

– I always bring a tube and stuff to change a tire.

– My phone, a little wallet. I’ve got it since forever, it’s like a waterproof little bag, and everything’s in there, money, like cards and phone numbers; I always have this with me.

– I normally take all the necessary tools for like, an easy fix if something goes wrong.

– There’s tools you can’t take with you.

– I’ve had some times where I do get stranded and I can’t fix whatever problem I have.

– Because if you had a double puncture and you used both your inner tubes… I know I’ve been caught out a few times and I’ve had to call my parents, which is a bit embarrassing.

– You go to a gas station or something, and ask for a ride and I’ve even hitchhiked a few times.

– If anything did happen, it’s good to know that someone can come and get me.

– When you go out knowing that you’re not going to have to walk a long way or make some sort of creative repair… Velosure offering service like breakdown cover, take it to your nearest shop to have it fixed is perfect really.

– When you’re driving your car, you’ve obviously got breakdown coverage for that, so why not have it for your bike as well?

– If I get stuck, I always have someone to call.

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