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Testimonial Video Production

This video features Malcolm Venn from Yellow Buses in Bournemouth (Bournemouth Transport Limited), who explains the benefits of Employing an Engineering apprentice. In Malcolm’s testimonial, he is seen sharing how employing a variety of apprentices has benefited his company, as well as leading him to search for more apprentices. He also discusses what his company Yellow Buses look for in a potential apprentice and what the interview process is.

Video Transcript

– Well, the company’s Bournemouth Transport Limited it’s also known as yellow buses. We like to focus on the fact that we are the local bus company. All our concentration is on the Bournemouth towns. So that’s who we are yeah. We pride ourselves in the quality of what we do. We want to be the top quality bus company in Bournemouth. But finding the good quality drivers and especially good quality engineers is very difficult. We’re suffering a little bit more than some other towns and cities do because of course there’s a big catchment area around most towns and cities. We only have half a catchment area because the rest is the sea. The apprenticeship scheme really for me, is how we get the quality people right at the start train them to a good level, and get them working with us. And you know it’s a career really, more than just a job. In two or three years time I’ve got some trained engineers that are gonna retire. So I need to be planning now to get the people in place ready to fill their places. So we may even take three or four on this year. We’ve already got three. That would give us six or seven apprentices, which is a good level of apprentices for a company our size. We’re looking for people that are really keen to come to us, that are gonna learn, and gonna develop. Like myself in school I didn’t do anything. It was when I left school I realized the learning potential. You know, as long as there’s that will to progress and to learn, then we’ll look at anyone really. In a couple weeks time we’ve got a huge recruitment day, we’ve got at least 12 candidates come to us for sort of an open day where we do interviews, and we do maybe a skills test and a site visit. So to really make us look professional and get the right sort of candidates for the job. When they first come the first thing I have to do is take their mobile phone away and put it in their locker at the very least. But bringing that new youthfulness and exuberance and keenness to the company it keeps us, keeps us on our toes so that’s good. Getting the right sort of workplace for them to want to stay is what I’m all about. And it’s the way to develop people how you want them. Get them working the way you want them and bringing the new technologies into the workplace.

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