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Testimonial Video Production

Jessica Morgan from Centrax Turbine Components in Newton Abbot explains the benefits of Employing an Engineering Apprentice. The video shows Jessica sharing what is expected of an apprentice and how supported the apprentice is throughout their time at the company. She also discusses how the apprentices are valued at the company, Centrax invest a lot into their apprenticeships as they want to retain what they have built up, they also listen to what their apprentices have to say as well as any ideas they share.

Video Transcript

– We are an engineering company looking at Aerospace. We’re very bespoke, we’re very unique. And we need to get an apprentice in to learn the ways of what we do. We currently have 16 apprentices on site at the moment. And we have two separate divisions at Centrax. We have the Turbine Components division. And we also have the Gas Turbines division. And we have apprentices into both divisions of those companies. And they work either in manufacturing or they can work in maintenance. Or we have some craft apprentices as well as our technician apprentices. In their year three, we can actually start them on an HNC. When they actually finish their apprenticeship and they graduate, we can actually put them onto higher education, such as a degree qualification. Some are in full-time training, they’re at full-time university. And some are currently on day release. So we do invest a lot into when they actually achieve their apprenticeship, because we want to bring obviously new ideas, a new skill, into the company. And we want to retain what we’ve trained up. So to us, it’s very crucial, very important, and our apprentices are coming in with new ideas, new opinions, they’re creative, and they bring in new skill to the company.

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