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Testimonial Video Production

Leanne Sheppard from Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton explains the benefits of Employing An Admin Apprentice. This testimonial encourages young people to consider an apprenticeship and to get into the working industry, as Leanne discusses what is expected of an apprentice and how it benefits their company.

Video Transcript

– My name’s Leanne Sheppard. I’m Talent For Care and Apprenticeship lead at Musgrove Park Hospital here in Taunton. We have around 4,000 employees, and at present have just over 70 apprentices working through their level two, three, or four program. We use apprentices as a way of growing our own staff, of engaging with our future workforce, and actually bringing them into the organization to train. They come in fresh, full of ideas, enthusiastic, keen to learn. They fit straight away into our workforce. We actually don’t necessarily realize who’s an apprentice, and who’s a permanent member of staff. So, they come with all the employability skills that we need. It’s really satisfying to see the apprentices come, quite often, straight from school, and really grow and develop as they learn their skills in their time with us, and it’s really great to see them flourish with us.

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