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Amanda Shobrook tells her story of employing an accountancy apprentice at Health Education South West. There are a number of great benefits, which Amanda discusses including positive values and beliefs and a solid business understanding. Health Education South West have had a number of apprentices continue on to project work and into management structures.

Video Transcript

– I brought Abbie Yard who’s our IT accountant. She didn’t want to go to university. She was really keen to go out and get a job right at the beginning actually. So she came along, we interviewed her, she had all the right values and beliefs that the health care sector wanted. She’s really got a taste of how what it’s like to work in a workplace. She really loves that, she likes working with people. We always make sure that all our apprentices have a manager and a peer support person as well. But the whole team actually pitch in about supporting or looking after Abbie, and help her to achieve her qualification. We employ around about 10 apprentices across the region within Health Education Southwest. What I recommend is just give it a go. There’s a lot of education providers out there that can support you and help you through that. The Skills Funding Agency can help you implement apprenticeships as well. We have a fantastic apprenticeship ambassador service which can help you go into your business and help support you to recruit an apprentice. The benefits are just fantastic. They don’t only just come with a qualification. They come with the right values and the right beliefs and they really fit in nicely into our workforce. And they understand the business, and that’s what the apprenticeship brings. They really understand the business and what they’ve got to deliver. And now they go on to quite high level jobs working in our organization. We have a lot of apprentices who have gone on to do project working and really running a lot of programs so they’re really working into our management structures quite nicely. It’s a fantastic way of putting in workforce planning and supporting them.

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