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Final award ceremony for the Dulux Trade Most Trusted Awards 2013

New Vision Media was present to witness the Dulux Trade Most Trusted Awards 2013. With this award, Dulux wishes to recognise the trust implemented by decorators with their customers. It is a great event for the decoration profession which defines values such as quality, customer service and trust.

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Video Transcript

Voiceover: After its successful launch in 2012, Dulux Trade has once again run its search to find the UK’s most trusted decorator. From more than 700 nominations, 10 regional winners were selected to go through to the final stage of the competition, with the winner announced at the Most Trusted Decorator awards dinner.

Paul Roughan – sales director, AkzoNobel
Paul: It’s the second year that we’ve run this event – 700 entries, down to the final 10, it’s very exciting, and I think it’s a great way to recognise decorators and the quality work they do for the industry.
Voiceover: To select the national winner, the 10 finalists were interview by a panel of industry judges.

Catherine Saint, judge – editor, The Decorator
Catherine: I thought they were very good. Excellent relationships with clients and customers, and the work that they do –they’re so enthusiastic about the decorating and how they go about their work and the work that they do for clients.
Voiceover:Setting itself apart from other industry awards, Most Trusted Decorator celebrates the many painters and decorators that go above and beyond to earn their customers’ trust.

Anne Tattersall, judge – marketing director, AkzoNobel
Anne: What makes the difference is trust and how you work with your customers, and that’s what we really want to recognise, on top of great quality work – it’s those relationships you have with the customers.
Anne: We heard some fantastic stories, we talked to some great people, and some real ambassadors for our industry, and that’s what we’re here to talk about today.
The winner knew they wanted to be a decorator right from an early age. Their values, their all-round quality, customer service and trust, but what really shone through was an absolute passion for the industry and how can they make an improvement to that industry.
What can they do, and how they might use this award to make a real difference, and that I think is what really led us to make the unanimous decision that 2013 Most Trusted Decorator is David Robinson from Northern Ireland.

David Robinson, Most Trusted Decorator winner 2013 – D. Robinson & Son
David:It’s fantastic – really honoured, really privileged. A lot of stiff competition, some fantastic decorators here, so it’s a real honour to have been selected.

Peter Doyle, judge – technical training consultant – decorator, AkzoNobel
Peter: David came out on top because he just went the extra mile, he wants to employ apprentices, he gives his customers extra experience, his quality was amazing – everything he did was just so customer-focused, it was almost untrue. He really is the future of painting and decorating.

What makes a difference is Trust and how you work with customers. Anne Tattersall, judge, marketing director AknoNobel

The jury is composed of expert of the decoration industry. They met 700 decorators and decided to nominate ten of them as finalists. The most trusted decorator winner 2013 is David Robinson, from D Robinson & Son.

His quality was amazing –  everything he did was just so customer focused, it was almost untrue. Peter Doyle, judge – technical training consultant, decorator AknoNobel

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