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The Elements of A Successful Crowdfunding Video Production

When Regen SW commissioned us to create a kickstarter video for their project, we began to ask ourselves: what are the elements of a successful crowdfunding video production?

A clear and concise description of your project

If you are a minute into your crowdfunding video and the viewer still doesn’t understand what it is that you are pitching, there is a problem! Clarity is key to a good pitch, and it is integral that the beginning of your video focuses on a simple, understandable description of what you are crowdfunding for. No one is going to give money to something if they don’t really quite get what it is.

It must be funny, heartwarming or inspiring

Or preferably all three! Research shows that videos that evoke these feelings in the viewer are the ones that are most likely to be shared. Having a video which spreads across the web is key to a successful crowdfunding video production. You need to create that instant feeling of “This is so great, I can’t wait to show xyz.” Have a think how you can create your video in a way which people can really get behind.

Foreground your background

Who are you? Why should people care about you, your passion and your project? Most importantly, how can they trust you to deliver a great project? this is a great opportunity if you can allow your personality to come across. Seth Godin‘s great TED talk discusses the importance of finding your audience and how to do so. Do this right, and you’ll find that people are very generous towards projects that they believe in.

Take another look at the crowdfunding video production that we created for SWIMBY. See how we managed to work these three elements into the video.


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