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Team effort between Azura Productions, Brussels Airport & Finnair Cargo

We were contacted over a year ago by Azura International, publishers of Air Cargo Weekly, to make a series of films about the Air Freight Industry. The first of these projects was a collaboration between Brussels Airport and Finnair Cargo, highlighting the enormous efforts they have gone to ensure the safe transportation of temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals.

This Educational Film was a true ‘collaboration’ between all parties involved and resulted in a film that explains the intricacies of pharma shipments whilst highlighting the role the two companies have taken in developing systems and technology.

Click here to find out more about the work we do with Azura Productions.

Finnair Cargo and Brussels Airport Pharma Transport Collaboration

Cool Chain Success (Long Version)

Cool Chain Success (Short Version With Captions)

Cool Chain Success (Long Version With Captions)

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