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We were contacted by Connexus Claims Solutions to flex our video muscles for some of their partners. Connexus brings together nine different insurance and broker companies to provide claims solutions and incident management.

Connexus Claims Solutions have teamed up with New Vision Media to produce a number of high quality insurance videos. These are inspired by real-life testimonies, selected from the companies’ vaults. Thankfully we have the opportunity to work with genuine, lovely companies who do their best to make a difference in people’s lives. Because of this, we are treated to heartfelt and moving stories that we can translate to moving image.

We have created a beautiful testimony video for KLS Law, and a promotional video with Velosure. Both of these videos use footage from a cycling shoot that we conducted with Connexus. The goal was to create some dynamic and evocative footage that could be transformed into inspirational videos.

There are many collaborations coming in the next months, so watch this space!

Our Work with Connexus

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