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Educating Viewers

We produced an interview film to educate groups on the process of community energy in Devon. To create an engaging video, we journeyed with fledging energy groups as they spoke to experts in wind, solar and hydro energy. We interviewed these group leaders, discussing their groups’ progress and what they had learnt from the day’s experts. Visiting the experts in their native environments provided excellent images for our cameras. The turbine blades sliced through the air; the Archimeded screw plunged into the river and the solar panels soaked up the sun’s streaking rays.

Wind Turbine Community Energy in Devon

Great Video Interviews

The day created a palpable sense of optimism within the groups and the interviewees were able to provide fantastic nuggets of information and excitement. Before our eyes, the teams coalesced into one large community focused huddle – all working towards the same goal, all striving for a common future. We interviewed them in the midst of this excitement, which allowed the leaders to speak emotionally, straight from the heart. They each told their group’s stories through Devon community energy sector, expanding upon the challenges they faced and the opportunities they were able to take.

Archimedes Screw Community Energy in Devon

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