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Communities For Renewables are an organisation set up to provide support to communities who wish to develop renewable energy projects.

Rather than large corporations investing in wind turbines and solar farms on people’s doorsteps, Communities for Renewables aims to help groups investigate the best resources in their area and help them find funding. The intention is that communities can then begin to benefit from their own renewable energy sources.

The video was commissioned by Communities4Renewables to highlight the many reasons why a community may wish to start their own renewable energy project; both ethically and financially.

Video Transcript

I’m interested in renewable energy as a way to diversifying the income from my farm

I’m interested in investing in renewal energy because I hear it’s better than being in a bank account

I think it’s important to educate my children about renewable energy and it’s great for them to see it in action within the local community

I’m interested in reopening the old post office and community store so we don’t have to travel into town every time we want to collect our pension or get our groceries

I’ve like a youth club so me and my friends have got a place to hang out

We want out tourists to see our village as a green choice for their holidays

Wouldn’t it be great to have a regular community bus that’s cheaper to run

We’d like to reduce out electricity bills and get some funding for insulation

It’s about time our parents made us a better future and made our planet a better place.

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