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Testimonial Video Production

This video consists of Dan Lillington, an Advanced Apprentice Graduate at The Colleges’ Partnership in Taunton, who’s seen explaining what it’s like Becoming An IT Technician Apprentice. Dan shares how he was able to complete his apprenticeship ahead of the due date, allowing him to progress within the company. He also discusses how he not only managed to save up for a new car, but also got to meet a range of new people of all ages.

Video Transcript

I’m Dan Lillington and I work for the Colleges’ Partnership. They are a training provider for the army. They’ve got sites all over the UK, Germany, and Cyprus. On a day to day basis I’m in the IT support team. I provide support for the whole company, ranging from simple jobs like fixing a printer to bigger jobs building a machine, installing all the software that they need and occasionally a site visit. The money was a great help, saved up for a car, bought myself a new car. It was meeting new people because I was so used to just people my same age. It’s the company I work for. The support team rate is from 1920 up to late 60s.

It was difficult meeting people for the first time and not having ever a parent or a teacher there with you to introduce you. I enjoy what I do and the team I manage is great. We all get along really well, the right level of work and the social side of it. Definitely choosing an apprenticeship is the right thing for me. Luckily, I finished the apprenticeship after 14 months. I got through it quite quickly. I was offered a promotion at the workplace. I went from IT apprentice to IT technician which was a big step. It’s more responsibilities. Now, I’m looking on different courses I can go onto that the company are going to put me through that can help me progress to become a rounded IT technician.

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