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Testimonial Video Production

In this video, Rebecca Rose, a Engineering Apprentice at Centrax Turbine Components in Newton Abbot, explains what it is like becoming an engineering apprentice. Rebecca discusses the expectations from her friends and family to attend University due to her academic skills, where she then decided to take the apprenticeship route which she’s found to be more awarding, as it’s gotten her into the working environment.

Video Transcript

– I’m an engineering apprentice working in the gas turbine industry. We build gas turbine generator sets that we send all over the world and service and maintain the sets as well. I was always sort of someone quite academic, so people expected me to go to university and college, but I think it’s good to get into the working industry rather than sort of necessarily staying in school where it might not be the right thing for you. It’s good to go and try something different, even if it’s not what’s expected of you, and definitely consider it, even if you have quite a few people sceptical. Just give it a try, and if you feel like it’s the right thing for you, then go for it. I’ve got a Level 3 BTEC NC in mechanical engineering, and I got that to the highest level I could get, so, better than I probably would’ve done if I’d gone to college and got A Levels. I’ve gone on to further education, so my company are really good. They support me through further education, so I’m currently doing my Level  4, and that will allow me to progress on further as well in the future, it’s really good.

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