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Chloe Kearle discusses her experience becoming an admin apprentice at Musgrove Park Hospital. It was a surprise to her family and friends when she chose not to go to university, but Chloe found that an apprenticeship was absolutely the right decision for her. She has been so successful that she now runs the whole of the admin for Musgrove Park Hospital – as well as mentoring an apprentice of her own.

Video Transcript

– I’m Chloe Kearle, and I’ve done the level two and three Business Admin Apprenticeship at Musgrove, in the Learning and Development department. I started there when I was 16, so straight from school. I was really good at school; I was quite academic. So, I think everyone was quite shocked when I said I didn’t really want to go to college. But it’s just not right for me. Well, you learn while you’re doing as an apprentice, whereas in school you have to listen to the theory. You also get paid, which is great. Everyone likes to get paid to learn, so yeah. You really get to put the theory that you learn at college into practice at the workplace. Musgrove Park Hospital has over 5,000 staff. It’s a very large organization. I don’t know everyone there, so I still get to know people. I was really nervous going in on the first day. I’m quite often told that when I first started I looked like a typical school girl, but that’s because I was. So it was very overwhelming for me walking in there, but now obviously I feel really comfortable. I had a mentor who was also my line manager, but then I also went to other members of staff if I needed any help with any of the essays I needed. And they also allowed me time to do my college work, so it was very well supported. Before I finished my apprenticeship, they offered me a full-time job. I am a Training Administrator now, so I supported the admin team when I first started. Now, the admin team has gone from three people to just me, so, it’s just me doing all of the work all that now for the whole of Musgrove. It’s given me a lot more responsibility and I’m also now mentoring another apprentice in the Medical Education Department. In five years time, I’d like to be managing perhaps, perhaps completed the Foundation Degree in Business Admin. Hopefully, still in the NHS because it’s such a good organization. I’d tell a year eleven, if they asked me, if “I should do an apprenticeship?” Definitely. It’s a great opportunity, you really get into the organization and you get the experience, which most people want when you go to an interview. Definitely!

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