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Testimonial Video Production

Abbie Yard from Health Education South West in Taunton explains the benefits of having an apprentice. This testimonial encourages young people to consider an apprenticeship and to get into the working industry, as Abbie shares her experience becoming an accountancy apprentice and how she didn’t have to go to university.

Video Transcript

– I’m Abbie Yard, I’ve just completed my AAT Level 3 in accounting, and now I’m now on my level 4, and I work for Health Education England South West. I’ve always wanted to do accounting, I looked at both uni degrees and apprenticeships, but I didn’t need to go uni to do what I wanted to do and qualify, so I wanted to do hands-on experience, and I was able to get that with the apprenticeship scheme, which was available to me. I’ve got a mentor who did AAT before me, and she’s now done and fully qualified, so she helped me through any problems I had in work and college life. I didn’t know anything before I started, but the employers are really helpful, and they’re really encouraging, and really supportive of apprenticeships. They’re so key to life nowadays. They give you all the skills that you need, qualifications, give you hands on experience, you also get to earn while you learn, which is very important. You get to gain all the key skills whilst you’re learning, it’s really helpful, and you get to socialise. You still get to go to college, and meet new people. I really, I would encourage them.

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