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21st Century Legacy is a Charity, founded by Dr David Hemery CBE an Olympic Gold Medallist. David was asked to help create a legacy that would inspire the youth of Britain and the rest of the world. in preps for 2012 Olympics. This is when David created, with a team of educationalists and business people, the ‘Be the Best you can Be!’ programme to inspire, engage and empower young people.

The ‘Be the Best you can Be!’ programme is currently running in schools all across the country, with young people from a variation of backgrounds currently engaged in the programme. The programme itself is taught through coaching children to follow their own unique learning journey to achieve their full potential as individuals.

We produced a series of video interviews with members of 21st Century Legacy as a way for them to discuss a series of topics relating to the Charity and the ‘Be the Best you can Be!’ programme.

21st Century Legacy Videos

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