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Corporate Video Production

KLS Law approached us to create a corporate video to reinforce their website launch and its re-branding. They intended to focus on how their accident legal service had affected their customers. For this, we dove into their archive of testimonies in search of a story that caught our attention.

What we found was a personal journey that would ignite the passion and strength of an exploding British cycling community. Instead of hiding this journey away, under the guise of “reality”, we wanted to push the emotions to the forefront. The viewer would ideally be excited and inspired by the testimony. The video shows how a Cyclist got back on two wheels after a Cycling Accident.

Instead of natural lighting, we shot the figure as an Olympian; he is spotlighted against a stark, black background. This is our hero. He is powerful and determined but, crucially, still human. His accident humbles him and destroys his confidence. Together as we watch the video, we will climb the mountain of recovery as he gets back onto the roads and back on two wheels.
To give the viewer a sense of the duration of the journey, we filmed re-enactments of him readying himself to ride. We framed these as epic steps – monumental increments along the path towards recovery. He pushes away and the weight of his injury appears lifted from him. These are his roads again. He shifts gears and accelerates.

Our mythic story is grounded by its final image. The cyclist marks his achievement by riding once again with his team-mates. More than his own health, his friends are what matter to him. These are the moments that we remember. Camaraderie, companionship, togetherness… this is what we all strive for in life.
Our cyclist’s journey is the journey of us all. And this is KLS Law’s message: if these feelings are taken from you, then KLS Law will fight to help you get them back.

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Video Transcript

– My husband took a long time to recover from the car crash. He used to be a fine painter. We painted everywhere we went together. A human spirit is a miracle, even after a massive head trauma like his. He never lost his passion. But, I could see his frustration. There was something missing between his head and his hands. Bit by bit, I saw it begin to come back. I left my job, so I could always be there for him. Still, we needed near constant support for over a decade. There was no option. This was our life now. Slowly, slowly, my husband became more like his old self. With a lot of help, we started to see a little part of our life before the accident returning. We were looked after incredibly well. It was more than just a job to them, and they became a part of our new family. We never felt alone. They supported us, they gave us advice, and ensured we’d always had the best care and assistance. I can surely say that we would never got our life back from the car crash without the work of KLS Law. Sounds strange to say, but they’ve been such a huge part of my life that I’m sad to say goodbye. Though I’m certain we’ll stay in touch, knowing as I do that they will do everything they can to help my family.

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