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Testimonial Video Production

In this video, employer and student perspectives of the apprenticeship scheme are discussed. As the graduates received their well-deserved awards and applause, employers were enormously proud. They spoke of how the apprentices had fitted and developed within their companies. The lasting impression from the interviews is of a resounding recommendation for the apprenticeship scheme.

We recently worked with South West Training Provider Network (SWTPN) to produce four promotional videos, encouraging young people to consider going down the apprenticeship route; this was done by gathering testimonials by both employees and employers, who were seen discussing how it benefited them.

Filming the Event

The videos were filmed at the Gradu8 ceremony for apprentices. This gave the interviews a celebratory quality, and the interviewees followed suit, speaking enthusiastically about their experiences. The general hubbub and excitement is captured, as the attendees mill in the background of the interviews buzzing in anticipation. We also filmed the entire graduation ceremony, which contained honoured speakers and the awards presentation. Snippets from these have been used in the final video, in order to give authority to the festivities and the words of the interviewees.

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Video Transcript

– I was really good at school, I was quite academic, so I think everyone was quite shocked.

– People expected me to go to University and College but…

– It was just not right for me.

– I didn’t need to go to Uni to do what I wanted to do and qualify, so I wanted to do hands-on experience and I was able to do that with the Apprenticeship Scheme.

– Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the Apprenticeship Awards here in Yeovil.

– The Apprenticeship Scheme, really for me, is how we get the quality people right at the start, train them to a good level, and get them working with us, as a career with us, really more than just a job.

– They come in fresh, full of ideas, enthusiastic, keen to learn, they fit straight away into our workforce. We actually don’t necessarily realize who’s an apprentice and who’s a permanent member of staff.

– The benefits are just fantastic. They don’t just come with the qualifications, but they come with the right values and the right beliefs, and they really fit in nicely into our workforce, and they understand the business, and that’s what the apprenticeship brings, they really understand the business and what they’ve got to deliver.

– I was really nervous going in on the first day. I’m quite often told that when I first started I looked like a typical schoolgirl.

– It was difficult meeting people for the first time and not having either a parent or a teacher there with you to sort of introduce you.

– Like myself at school, I didn’t do anything, it was when I left school I realized the learning potential and you know, as long as there’s that will to progress and to learn, then we’ll look at anybody, really.

– But what you do look for, is you look for somebody who always does their best and you can rely on. That somebody that has the ambition, and the excitement to learn, and somebody that can work with colleagues.

– It’s a great opportunity. You really get into the organization, and you get the experience, which most people want when you go to an interview.

– You also get to earn while you learn. which is very important.

– The money was a great help, I saved up for a car, bought myself a needed car.

– And you get to socialise as you still get to go to college and meet new people.

– Bring in that new youthfulness and exuberance and keenness to the company. It keeps us on our toes.

– And the thing that we didn’t recognize so much, that’s had such a big impact, is the cultural benefits that it’s had. You know, the innovation they’re bringing, the technical knowledge, the desire to want to learn, the flexibility, just their general approach to work is really having a big impact on our company, and I’m sure it’s the same for the other employees in the room.

– We have a lot of apprentices that go on to do project working, and really running a lot of programs so they’re really working into our management structures quite nicely.

– Luckily, I have finished the apprenticeship after 14 months, I got through it quite quickly.

– I qualified a year early, so I’ve done quite well there.

– And I got that to the highest level I could get, so better than I probably would have done if I’d gone to college and got A levels.

– Before I finished my apprenticeship, they offered me a full time job.

– And I was offered a promotion at the workplace.

– And I’m also now mentoring another apprentice.

– Definitely choosing an apprenticeship was the right thing for me.

– Definitely consider it, even if it’s not what’s expected of you.

– I really, I would encourage them.

– Definitely.

– Let me just tell you, absolutely clearly, that the road which you have embarked on, as far as I’m concerned, is the road that can take you right to the top, whatever your career ambitions are.

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