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Jamie recently attended The Wellbeing Standup, an event hosted to a crowd of 40 people, where each MC has approximentaly 7 minutes to share how they have experianced more happiness in their lives as well as sharing ideas that have worked with them to increase their wellbeing.

In Jamie’s monologue he sharedthe obstacles he’s overcame throughout his life with the use of a positive mindset and hard word. Other speakers followed suit sharing aspects of their lives that have made their wellbeing much brighter.

The Wellbeing Standup Videos

Mental Health & Loneliness | Steve Franks

Gratitude | David McCrae | Happiness Standup

Helpful Peeps Website | Saf Nadeer

Stand Up For Lying Down | The Effect Of Sleep On Happiness | Mark Wilkinson

Knowedge, Understanding & Wisdom | Jerry Daliel

Discovering Happiness In Everyday Life | Byron Lee

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