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Video Interviews

Sharing your message directly with your audience

Video Interviews

Sharing your message directly with your audience

Video Interviews form a large part of our video production work, largely because they are an effective way to convey a message and gain personal insights. Audiences are more receptive to interviews with real-life people and it gives an opportunity share knowledge of your product or service.

We come across many people who are shy of appearing on camera (including ourselves!) and so have developed techniques over the past decade to help put people at ease, to help them express their thoughts in a natural manner and to pull together the response into dynamic interview videos.

Video Interview Example

Marlborough Park Swindon

Places For People worked in partnership with Modularwise to build a series of modular houses at their Marlborough Park development in Swindon. We produced a timelapse of the installation and…

“The NVM team captured a number of video interviews with our graduate apprentices, highlighting the benefits of the apprenticeship scheme. The videos have been extremely useful in promoting the scheme”

– Brian Tucker, The Apprenticeship Scheme

The Interview Video Production Process

Interviews can be used in may ways and in many different types of videos, from corporate videos, promotional films and documentaries.


Whilst we prefer to film interviews in an unscripted fashion it is advisable to have an initial outline of the subject matter. This allows us to ensure we have covered all important aspects and allows us to go back over parts if we feel they need greater clarification.

We generally recommend having a list of the key questions along with a bullet point list of the salient points. This allows us to go through the material in a logical fashion whilst giving room for a natural dialogue.


Interviews can be filmed in a number of ways depending upon technical and creative requirements:

  • Piece to Camera – The Interviewee talks directly to the camera, conveying their message directly to the audience.
  • Off-Camera Interview – The Interviewee talks to a person sitting next to the camera. Questions are asked in such a way that the person incorporates the question into their answer, removing the need to include the Interviewers voice in the final video.
  • Two-Person Interview – Both people are visible on camera and the questions become part of the final video. This can lead to a more informal interview.

Interviews are generally filmed on at least two cameras, providing two different angles, which allows the interview to be cut down in length. We also film GV’s (General Views) or ‘Cutaways’ which are incidental shots that can be used during the editing process to bridge gaps in the interviews or add interest to the video.


The first stage of editing interviews is generally to cut them down to the salient parts, removing the interview questions or pauses and begin building the narrative for the video. We will often share a ‘rough edit’ of the interviews with clients, allowing them make decisions on which parts are the most important. Once the narrative has been decided we then begin a ‘final edit’ where the chosen sections are edited together with the GV’s (Cutaways) plus any other footage and music that is required.


Besides supply digital copies of your Video Interview we also provide advice and support on launching your video. With over 300 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every minute it’s important to develop a strategy for delivery that ensures your message will reach far and wide. We can assist in developing an effective marketing plan that works alongside your existing strategy, building upon your success and helping you reach your target audience.

You can read more about our Video Production Process here.

Our Latest Video Interviews

Below are some examples of our latest Video Interviews. Our work covers a broad spectrum so feel free to visit our media portfolio for more examples of our work.

Peter Hargreaves: Blue Whale Investment Fund

Peter Hargreaves CBE is a co-founder of Hargreaves Lansdown, one of the UK's largest financial services businesses. The company started trading…

Chellenaire | Cleeve House Hotel

We were contacted by Helen and Claire from Chellenaire to produce a short casestudy video about the work they had…

How Much Does An Interview Video Cost?

The cost of an Interview Video is dependent upon the complexity of the project, including:

Concept creation, planning & story-boarding.
How many interviewees, interview duration and the number of locations.
How long it takes to edit and the amount of music and motion graphics/titles involved.

We appreciate you may not know the answers to these questions at this time, which is why we invite you to get in touch to discuss your project.

In the first instance we will take the time to discuss your project and provide a quotation based upon our first thoughts. Upon receipt we can then discuss your project in greater details, fine tuning the concepts and scaling the production process to suit your available budget.

Get In Touch

Whether you have a fully developed brief, or just the seed of an idea, we believe the best place to start with any project is to simply have a chat to discuss your idea.

It’s a great opportunity to better understand what you are looking for and share with you our ideas and experience.

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