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Training Videos provide an effective method of sharing your message with your audience, whether they are employees, clients or paying customers.


with a range of purposesprovide an excellent tool to record the main elements of a training or enrollment session. The information can be accessed again at a later stage either to refresh the memory or to help during the enrollment of new staff members.

  • Enrollment Training Videos – If there are various instructions that need to be repeated whenever a new staff member joins your company the procedure can be simplified with the use of a training video. An enrollment session can be filmed in the first instance and a video created either on DVD or in digital format for uploading to the network or intranet.
  • Staff Training Videos – Recording of Staff Training sessions ensure that the information is available as a refresher after the event, or new/existing employees who missed the training session.
  • Building Handover Session – When a building contractor hands over a building at the end of the construction phase there are often a number of procedures that need to be explained, such as; air conditioning, heating, alarm systems. We often attend these handover sessions and make a video record. Each aspect is then turned into a digital video that can be placed on the company intranet or server. Existing or new staff members are then able to watch the training video to remind themselves of how things are operated.
Training Videos Production Company

Our Latest Training Videos

Due to the often classified nature of training videos we are sometimes unable to make them publicly available. However we have provided some examples below to demonstrate some of our work. Please get in touch to discuss your needs and we’ll show you some short snippets of our training videos.

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