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Time Lapse Video Production

Short-Term and Long-Term Time Lapse Photography

Time Lapse Video Production

Short-Term and Long-Term Time Lapse Photography

Time Lapse Photography provides the opportunity to capture an event or process that happens over a long period and play it back quickly by way of a Time Lapse Video. It can be used to record progress over a number of months such as a building construction site or the assembly of a machine within a factory. It can also be used creatively to capture the passage of time, such as the setting up of an event, the movements of people within a city or the simple beauty of a sunrise, sunset or passing clouds.

We produce Timelapse Videos for a range of clients and can record images over a short period of time or over several months, depending upon the timescale you wish to capture. The possibilities are endless and we have a number of options depending upon your needs.

Short-Term Time Lapse Video

Short-term timelapses can occur over a matter of minutes or hours and involve the camera recording whilst being attended throughout. We can record a single continual sequence, or record several different timelapse videos covering the subject matter from different angles. We can also use motorised sliders (motion control devices) to add an extra dimension to the timelapse with the camera either panning or travelling sideways.

Long-Term Time Lapse Video

Long-term timelapses can record events over a number of days or months and involve the camera equipment being permanently installed. The camera is controlled by a dedicated computer which records the images and allows us to monitor progress, ensuring there are no disruptions. We also have the option of streaming the images live to a web page, allowing you to check progress or share images with your customers.

“New Vision Media installed three cameras in our workshops to allow customers to see their campervans being built. It’s proved to be a huge success and has become a real talking point with customers.”

– Tony Payne, Autohaus VW Campervans

Timelapse Video Production

We have a range of timelapse options available depending upon the timescale, location, quality requirements and budget.

GoPro cameras are High Definition (HD) cameras and are often used for sporting activities. However, due to their small size and wide angle of view they are very effective timelapse cameras and can be easily mounted in many locations, inside or out.

The main considerations when using a GoPro camera are image quality, battery life and memory card capacity:

Image Quality

GoPro cameras produce a very clean, crisp image that is suitable for many situations, however they do struggle somewhat in extreme light conditions (very bright or very dark).

Battery Life

  • Using the built-in battery the GoPro camera can operate for approximately 2 hrs.
  • Using an external battery pack the camera can operate for approximately 24 hrs.
  • Using a permanent external power supply the camera can operate indefinitely (limited only by the size of memory card installed).

Memory Card Capacity (and recording duration)

  • A 64Gb memory card will hold approximately 20,000 images. Assuming a photo is taken at an interval of every 1 minute over a 24 hr period this would give a time lapse duration of 5.5 days. Increase the interval would obviously increase this duration accordingly.

This method is therefore suitable for short-to-medium duration time lapse recordings and may require regular inspections to check the camera is operating correctly and to empty the memory card when full.

Our camera of choice, the Canon DSLR Camera can cope with all lighting conditions and provides a very high quality, high resolution image. We also have a range of lenses available to suit the scene being captured.

The main considerations when using a DSLR camera are trigger mechanism, power source and image storage and these in turn are dependent upon the duration of the timelapse recording.

Short-Term Timelapse Recording

  • For short-term time lapse photography the camera’s internal intervalometer can be used to take a photo anywhere between 1 second and 8 hours.
  • The internal batter can be used for timelapse recordings up to 1-2 hours or a main power supply can be used for longer recordings.
  • The images can be recorded on the internal memory card. The total duration of the timelapse is therefore depending upon the interval (how often photos are taken), the image size and the card capacity.
  • Whilst relatively simple to set up, this method does not provide the opportunity to monitor the camera remotely.

Long-Term Time Lapse Recordings

  • For long-term time lapse recordings  we use a dedicated computer to trigger the camera and to store the images.
  • The computer can be accessed remotely (via another computer) to check it’s status, change camera settings and change timelapse intervals.
  • Images can be accessed remotely providing the option of producing intermediate time lapse videos throughout the duration of the installation, showing the progress to date. This also allows us to keep a backup copy of the images.
  • Images can be streamed live to a website, allowing clients (or their customers) to see the current progress. Images can be displayed on a public page or via a password protected page on the New Vision Media website.
  • This method provides the safest approach to time lapse photography, allows us to run indefinitely and provides a number of ways to monitor and display the images.

IP Cameras are useful for long-term time lapse installations or where a weather-proofed camera is required for outdoors recordings.

  • Cameras are installed in position and then connected to the internet via a router.
  • Images are collected from the camera remotely and stored on a computer system.
  • Images are limited in size and quality depending upon the camera used (generally HD 1920×1080 pixels)

Timelapse Video Examples

Here is a small selection of timelapse videos. We have several timelapse recordings occurring at present but are unable to share the images due to confidentiality. Once the projects are complete we will upload these.

Time Lapse Video Cost

The cost of Time Lapse Photography and Video Production is dependent upon the complexity of the project, including:

The quantity and type of cameras to be used (GoPro, Canon DSLR or IP Camera)?
Location of time lapse recording and complexity of installing cameras?
Duration of timelapse?
Does the project require remote connection to monitor the cameras?
Do you require live web streaming of the images onto a public or private web page?

We appreciate you may not know the answers to these questions at this time, which is why we invite you to get in touch to discuss your project. We can then better understand your needs and provide you with an initial quotation.

Get In Touch

Whether you have a fully developed brief, or just the seed of an idea, we believe the best place to start with any project is to simply have a chat to discuss your idea.

It’s a great opportunity to better understand what you are looking for and share with you our ideas and experience.

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Featured image by Matt Wiebe [CC BY 2.0]

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