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The Launch of Swimby: The Musical

Towards a Greener Future

Last night we attended a fabulous, joy-filled event. Music, poetry, art and the best raffle I’ve ever seen! After many months of planning, projecting and campaigning, last night was the launch of Swimby: The Musical. The beginning of a joyous musical show about dreamers and do-ers rolling up their sleeves and changing the world – a bit at a time.

Swimby: The Musical sees the pairing of Matt Harvey and Thomas Hewitt Jones reunited. Matt’s wits are a regular feature in the New Vision Media scripts, after we first worked with him to visualise his poetry. Thomas has also recently composed a beautiful score for a heart-wrenching testimony that we filmed. Together, their successful Rumpelstiltskin musical took over Bath’s Egg Theatre for the winter months to great acclaim. They now turn their talents to the transition movement, under the guiding hand of Chloë Uden and Regen SW.

Matt, Thomas and Chloe at the launch for Swimby: The Musical

We first heard of Swimby: The Musical not long after the idea’s inception. It was spoken of in hushed whispers – an idea so exciting that no one dared talk loudly about it in case it was scared away. What if we actually did this? Wouldn’t that be something special? The passion that Chloe, Matt and Thomas had was vivid and infectious. They carried that enthusiasm through to their Kickstarter campaign. We created their campaign video, on which they laid out their plans and their passions. They placed it in the hands of the community with the simple question: Do you want to be a part of this movement?

Transition Town Triumph

Swimby The Musical Launch Audience Clapping

Last night, that question was answered. After the success of the kickstarter campaign, two hundred people turned up to the launch of Swimby: The Musical to show their support. It was a life-affirming sight, as young and old celebrated together. Matt performed some of his poetry, adding quips and quirks at every moment. Thomas gave a great insight into his compositional process and even gave the audience a very privileged access to some of the songs early drafts. Chloë spoke emotionally about her attachment to the project and what it meant for her to return to King Edward VI Community College, 21 years after she graduated from that school. The pupils of KEVICC even got involved, performing three potential hits from Swimby: The Musical.

KEVICC performance at launch for Swimby: The Musical

It is a privilege to be involved with the project at such an early stage. Not least because the response from all that attended was uproariously positive. The idea from the trio is to produce Swimby: The Musical with as much community input as possible. This has been matched in equal measure by the enthusiasm of the Totnes locale. I am looking forward to seeing Swimby: The Musical released on stage and in communities worldwide.

View the finished the Swimby The Musical Launch Night Event Filming video.

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