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How To Set Up SMTP Messaging On Acorn LTL-5310WMG Scouting Trail Camera

How To Set Up SMTP Messaging On Acorn LTL-5310WMG Scouting Trail Camera

Having purchased the Acorn LTL-5310WMG Trail Camera I struggled to get the MMS (multimedia messaging) and SMTP (VGA Email) messaging system to work.

I began by purchasing a Giffgaff Sim card (due to there being no long-term contract) but was only able to get it to sent an SMS (text message). This contained no picture information, just a date and time.

After MUCH research I then came across a very helpful gentleman called Ron Bury, who runs the website and also provides technical support for Acorn in the UK. It was by following the instructions given to me by Ron that I was finally able to get my camera working with SMTP (i.e. sending a VGA image via email). He also confirm that it’s not possible to use a Giffgaff Sim card!

Having tried several different Sim cards I can guarantee this method works, and I would urge you to use this procedure instead of attempting to use different Sim cards or email accounts.

What You Need

  • Vodafone pay-as-you-go Sim card.
  • Gmail email account.
  • Acorn PC setup software (I used version 1.3.034).
  • The right camera model!!! Be warned… there is a huge amount of mis-information online about these cameras. Many products on ebay and amazon state that cameras have SMS, but this is only if you buy the extra SMS module.

All Model Details

  • LTL-5310A: Basis model.
  • LTL-5310WA: Basis model with wide angle.
  • LTL-5310MC: With MMS module.
  • LTL-5310MG: MMS/GPRS model.
  • LTL-5310WMG: MMS/GPRS model with wide angle.

Assuming you have all the items above you can now set up the SMTP feature of your camera.

NOTE: You may be able to eventually get your camera working with a different Sim card or email account, but having spent days myself without success I’d suggest using the technique below.

How To Set Up SMTP On Acorn 5310 Camera

  • Set up your Gmail account.
  • Create/Log in to your Gmail account (keep a record of your email address and password for later).
  • You need to change the security settings to allow your gmail account to work with other devices.
  • Log in to:
  • Under Sign-In & Security click ‘Connected Apps and Sites’.
Google Settings Sign In and Security
  • Ensure ‘Allow less secure apps’ is set to ON.
Google Settings Less Secure Apps

Vodafone Sim card

  • Purchase a pay-as-you-go Sim card and activate the card.
  • Install the sim card into the trail camera.

Set Up Your Camera SMTP Settings

  • Install the setup software. You can download the latest versions by visiting Ron’s website.
  • Run the setup program.
  • Place your cameras SD card into your computers card reader (and make a note of the drive letter).
  • Select your camera model from the dropdown list. Click ‘SMTP Setup’.
LTL Acorn Version 1.3.034 - Acorn LTL 5310WMG Scouting Trail Camera
  • Change the settings as follows:
LTL Acorn 5310 - Acorn LTL 5310WMG Scouting Trail Camera

Acorn LTL Model Features

Here is a basic overview of model numbers and features:

Smtp Mode: Manual
Picture NO./ day: 0
Country: Other
Operator: Other
SMS Remote Control: 1 H

GPS Setting

Account: web
Password: web


Smtp Server:
Port: 465
Sender Email:
Password: ***********


Email 01:

Select: e:/

  • Once you click ‘Generate’ the software will add a data file to the SD card. This will contain all the parameters to update your camera settings.

Test SMTP Settings On Your Acorn 5310 Trail Camera

  • Insert the SD card into your camera and turn to ‘Test’. A message will flash up on the screen acknowledging the settings file has been updated to the camera.
  • Turn your camera ‘ON’, attached the MMS/GPRS module, turn the camera ‘ON’.

You will now find that the camera will be triggered and will send an email with VGA image attachment to your Gmail account.


(Creative Director – New Vision Media).

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