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Lessons From Filming A Professional Cycle Team

Lessons from Filming a Professional Cycle Team

Sport Video Production

Our latest adventure took us to Marina D’or, a holiday village north of Valencia. As the waves lapped lazily onto the golden sands, we were chasing after an elusive orange blur at breakneck speeds. Snaking up and down the rolling Spanish hills, we spent three days filming a professional cycle team.

And boy, do they move fast…

Filming a professional cycle team very fast

Trials on the Trails

We arrived in Valencia and set off to find the team mid-session, following a pin on a Google map that was taking us away from civilisation and ever-higher into the hills. After an hour of driving without seeing a soul, the road was thick with mist and the sheer drop at the side of the road seemed to beckon towards us. A man appeared through the fog, motionless at the edge of the cliff, holding a camera and watching us drive past. Confused, we turned back to the road just in time to see twelve fire-orange bullets fire past the car in the opposite direction.

The UK Mixed Cycling Team could be seen hurtling down the side of the mountain. They moved as one amorphous body, whirring, pumping and speeding along. On the narrow hillside roads, it took us fifteen minutes to turn around and catch them up. Hanging out of the car window with our cameras, we chased them up, down, over and across the terrain.
Filming a professional cycle team in Spain

Our aim with this video production was to capture the excitement of the training camp. The teams enthusiasm, dedication and expertise would serve as inspiration and advice for other cyclists, budding and fully-fledged. Although it was a physically and mentally exhausting few days for our video team, it was not hard to bottle this excitement into the camera.

The cyclists were absolute professionals. They imparted their stories and wisdom freely (even mid-ride at times), and had unconditional dedication to their training. This young team were giving their all to their work, hobby and passion: cycling. Although it was over too soon, it was a joy, filming a professional cycle team at work for the few fast-paced days that we were in Spain. Moreover, it has been a joy to come back home, relive that time, and refashion their stories, their training, and our frantic excitement into videos for the team.

Editing this film, we find ourselves galvanised by the dedication and success of the Velosure Starley Primal cyclists. However, it is not out of envy of their situation. They are having the opportunity to wake up and earn a living in a job that they are passionate about. They are young ambassadors for their team, their sport and their generation. Watching these social media videos back leave us remembering their elation in Valencia, we have seen their appreciation of their work.

We are galvanised because we too have to be grateful for the situation that we are in. We are filmmakers, earning a living honing our crafts in a job that we enjoy. Spending a few days at a time, frenziedly bringing our ideas into existence via video cameras. That is something to enjoy while it is occurring.

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