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Energised Communities With The Help Of Regen SW

Energised Communities with the Help of Regen SW

Regen SW Community Energy Groups

On Tuesday we spent the day with Regen SW and members of Community Energy Groups in a variety of locations. The day was spent discussing what they had accomplished with Regen SW as well as listening to the advice that they’d give to any future Community Energy Groups. We have produced a couple videos for Regen SW and will be posting them shortly!

Expanding Our Mindsets

Regen SW Community Energy Groups

We visited different sites to check out turbine’s and to find out more information about their purpose and how they’re operated, we absorbed just as much information as they did energy! It was really great to hear about how all the projects came together as well as gaining a variety of different perspectives.

Energy-Boosting Food!

Regen SW Community Energy Groups

We then enjoyed a delicious dinner with everyone at the lovely Riverford Organic Farms. The food was great and went down a storm with everyone!

No Lack Of Energy From This Lot!

Regen SW Community Energy Groups

Overall it was an enjoyable day and we loved meeting all of these fantastic people. It seems like these Energised Communities are ready to take over the world, one Turbine at a time! It was also incredible to hear about how the Regen SW projects have helped out all of these different communities.

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