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The Magic Of Collaboration

The Magic of Collaboration

Photographing Art with Effie Romain

One thing can be said about the work that we do: every day is different. Yesterday we were holed up in an artists studio, producing some professional photography shots of her work. This event is the result of nearing the end of a six-month advertising campaign.

Effie Romain's Art Studio

As the project is still in it’s final stages, I won’t dwell too much on the big picture for now. However I would like to take a moment to zoom in on one afternoon we spent with Effie Romain, the talented and gracious, Bristol-based painter.

For the project we needed to select twelve paintings to photograph and re-contextualise. I found Effie via the West Bristol Arts. I was instantly drawn to her thick, liberal painting, and she had the breadth of work that was perfect for the project (more on that soon).

Filming in the Studio

Effie very graciously opened her doors to us, and showed us around her workspace. We leafed for hours through her archive of notebooks and canvases. Thankfully Effie has very very rarely thrown away her work. Because she is so prolific, this has resulted mountains of brilliant artwork for us look at and discuss.

This really got our creative juices flowing as we bounced ideas back and forth. Lots of time was spent trying to pinpoint and rationalise our elusive reactions to Effie’s art. As difficult as this is, by the end of the afternoon we had developed a kind of hivemind. We all began to have the same reactions to each picture that we unearthed.

This is what is magical about collaborative arts. Our attempts at the small achievement of understanding each other a little better were successful. This is not only in the fact that we managed to produce the paintings that we needed, but also that we were able to learn something about ourselves and what drives our own reactions to art.

Look out for the finished project coming soon!

Update: View the finished film here!

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